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Langi Kal Kal Creek bridge strengthening

As part of a bridge strengthening project for the Pyrenees Shire, DC Projects performed a deck overlay, bridge rail and roadworks at Langi Kal Kal Creek. Customer – Pyrenees Shire Location – Langi Kal Kal Creek Read more
Langi Kal Kal Creek Bridge Strengthening

Historic chimney strengthening and rehabilitation in Bendigo

Working with VicTrack, the DC Projects team undertook the structure strengthening and rehabilitation of this historic chimney in Bendigo. Customer – VicTrack Location – Bendigo Chimney Read more
Bendigo chimney strengthening and rehabilitation

Traralgon Station footbridge rehabilitation

DC Projects performed a complete bridge rehabilitation for the Traralgon Station footbridge. Works included replacing piers, walkway and rails and sandblasting and painting the main structure. Customer – VicTrack Location – Traralgon Station Footbridge Read more
Traralgon Station footbridge rehabilitation