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Bridge rehabilitation, repair and construction projects across Australia

DC Projects is a pre-qualified contractor for VicRoads and Austroads and an accredited VicTrack contractor, with decades of experience in bridge rehabilitation services for local government municipalities and regional authorities, including:

  • South-west region
  • North-east region
  • Western region
  • Eastern region
  • Metro regions.

Our bridge builders have completed bridge maintenance services and rehabilitation works, ranging from major bridge strengthening projects to culvert installation and smaller repairs. With our cutting-edge under-bridge platform, we can minimise traffic disruptions and complete work efficiently without compromising on safety.

We’ve worked on a wide range of different jobs, including major bridge construction works on the Princes and Hume highways, through to historic bridge repair services across the nation.

Bridge rehabilitation in Victoria’s Macedon Ranges

DC Projects undertook a complete bridge rehabilitation project at Darraweit Guim on Deep Creek in Victoria’s Macedon Ranges Shire, including concrete repairs and a bridge rail upgrade. Customer – Macedon Ranges Shire Location – Darreweit Guim – Deep Creek Read more
Macedon Ranges Shire complete bridge rehabilitation

Hawkesdale bluestone arch culvert rehabilitation

Working with VicRoads South Western Region, the team at DC Projects completed a bluestone arch culvert rehabilitation for the Austins Creek bridge at Hawkesdale. Customer – VicRoads South Western Region Location – Hawkesdale – Austins Creek Read more
Austins Creek Bluestone arch culvert rehabilitation

Princes Highway bridge maintenance

Our team replaced expansion joints, nosings and seals as part of a bridge maintenance project for the Princes Highway bridge at Dartmoor, over the Glenelg River. Customer – VicRoads South Western Region Location – Princes Hwy Dartmoor Over Glenelg River Read more
Princess Highway Dartmoor bridge maintenance

Hume Highway culvert rehabilitation, VicRoads North Eastern Region

As part of a bridge rehabilitation project with VicRoads North Eastern Region, DC Projects completed a culvert rehabilitation on the Hume Highway at Avenel. Customer – VicRoads North Eastern Region Location – Avenel – Hume Hwy Read more
Hume Highway culvert rehabilitation

Bridge maintenance works at Hume Highway, Wallan

Working at the Hume Highway Northern Highway interchange at Wallan, the DC Projects team completed bridge repair works including cleaning and applying a waterproof membrane. Customer – VicRoads – NEMA North Eastern Region Location – Hume Hwy – Northern Hwy Interchange Wallan Read more
Hume Highway Wallan bridge maintenance

Streatham bridge strengthening, VicRoads Western Region

DC Projects completed a bridge strengthening project at Streatham, where the Glenelg Highway crosses Fiery Creek. Working with VicRoads Western Region, our team performed a deck overlay, bridge rail and roadworks. Customer – VicRoads Western Region Location – Streatham – Fiery Creek Read more
Streatham Fiery Creek Bridge Strengthening

Culvert replacement at Henty Main Road, Moriac

The DC Projects team completed a culvert rehabilitation as part of bridge rehabilitation works at Henty Main Road in Moriac. Works included replacing culverts, endwalls and aprons. Customer – VicRoads South West Region Location – Moriac – Henty Main Road Read more
Moriac Henty Main Road culvert rehabilitation

Yackandandah bridge rehabilitation

DC Projects installed new headwalls to RC pipes as part of this bridge rehabilitation project in Yackandandah. Customer – VicRoads – NEMA North Eastern Region Location – Yackandandah Read more
Yackandandah bridge rehabilitation

Great Ocean Road bridge maintenance works

Our team undertook bridge maintenance services works including repairs to the concrete spalls for the Great Ocean Road bridge over St George River. Customer – VicRoads South Western Region Location – Great Ocean Road over St George River   Read more
Great Ocean Road bridge maintenance and concrete patch repair

Hill Street bridge strengthening, Stawell

DC Projects completed a pier reconstruction, deck replacement, bridge guard rail and roadworks as part of a bridge strengthening project at Hill Street in Stawell. Customer – VicTrack Location – Hill St Stawell Read more
Stawell bridge strengthening